The Sims 4 “Dogs & Cats” coming soon?

Posted by 44GD247 08/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

Although not officially announced by EA, there are strong rumors that a Sims 4 Pets expansion pack is in development. Some sources suggest that the expansion could be released in November 2017. 
The rumors started in March 2016, when EA conducted a survey and asked several questions regarding possible new game features. The study proposed ideas such such as creating new animal species, being able to play as your pet in the game and having control over your pet’s personality. Since then, avid Sims fans have been trying to spot possible hints and clues to confirm the possible new addition of Pets. 
For now, this is all speculation and we will have to wait for an official update from EA.  
*Note: The image above is fanmade and is not official 

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