Top Tips for PC Gamer’s

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 1. Find your own gaming music or head to Spotify; they have a “Gaming” category with pre-made playlists. See the following article for how to add music to Steam: 

2. Try the classics. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the newest releases and the latest franchise games are the best. Many people swear by the classics; Civilization V was released in 2010, has sold 5.8 million copies worldwide and continues to be hugely popular. 

3. Update your graphics card driver’s. Although most people know this and even if your game is running fine, it is well worth updating your driver’s anyway. Game performance has been known to improve by up to 60% just by updating the driver’s. Download the latest driver’s from your card manufacturer’s website or update centre on your computer. 

4. Buy a gaming mouse. If you love playing multiplayer games, this will give you faster response times and will improve your gaming experience.   

5. Use Reddit. To get the most out of your game, look to Reddit for tips, tricks and guides from other player’s. 

6. Buy an Xbox or PS4 controller. Especially if you are switching from console gaming to PC gaming. However, be sure to check that your video game is compatible with a controller, some games are keyboard/mouse only. 

7. Download the AMD Gaming Evolved or GeForce Experience software (if your computer has an Nvidia or AMD graphics card). These are free to download from the AMD and Nvidia website. They will optimize and tweak your graphics card settings to improve the quality and performance. 

8. Upgrade your PC to Windows 10. This will allow you to download and upgrade to Direct X 12. Direct X is a software that most video games use, it allows your game to communicate with your computer hardware. According to some reports, updating to Direct x 12 can improve your computer performance by up to 50%. 
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